• 10.00 $

    100% natural mix of exotic fruits: mango, passion fruit and lime. Find yourself on a tropical island – white sand, the sound of the surf, the gentle sun – a real paradise.

  • 7.00 $

    Everyone’s favorite drink in the new version, we think not, we are just sure that ginger lemonade will not leave anyone indifferent. 100% natural mix of ginger, honey and lime is a great freshness for the whole day!

  • 11.00 $

    Refreshing sea buckthorn lemonade will give you a flurry of positive energy, and the vitamin complex will strengthen your health and charge you with “vitamin” vigor for the whole day.

  • 10.00 $

    This wonderful drink will not only refresh you on a hot summer day, but also pamper you with a variety of flavors: seductive strawberries will add bright colors, and unusual passion fruit will give a storm of emotions.