• 11.00 $

    Refreshing sea buckthorn lemonade will give you a flurry of positive energy, and the vitamin complex will strengthen your health and charge you with “vitamin” vigor for the whole day.

  • 7.00 $

    Rich in vitamins, the combination of sea buckthorn, ginger, cinnamon and honey – an amazing taste, tangible benefits. In combination with cold or hot water, tea quenches thirst in the heat or warms in the winter cold.

  • 10.00 $

    This wonderful drink will not only refresh you on a hot summer day, but also pamper you with a variety of flavors: seductive strawberries will add bright colors, and unusual passion fruit will give a storm of emotions.

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    11.00 $

    An original combination of light sourness of fresh cranberries and exquisite ginger spice. The abundance of useful properties and vitamins will strengthen health with taste!