• 11.00 $

    Currants and basil harmoniously complement each other, giving vigor, health and unforgettable taste. In combination with cold or hot water, tea quenches thirst in the heat or warms in the winter cold.

  • 14.00 $

    A unique mix of ripe dogwood berries, fragrant rosemary, raspberries and ginger…

  • 11.00 $

    The rich taste of ginger was harmoniously complemented by natural honey and spicy notes of lime. A source of vitamins in every cup!

  • 12.08 $

    Mix of teas, 100% natural Gulfstream tea is now in a convenient format. In a package of 2 doypak of each kind and now try all the teas has become even easier!

  • 7.00 $

    Non-alcoholic variation of the drink with a bright, rich taste and aroma, spicy notes of cinnamon and citrus. Cherry mulled wine will not only bring you pleasure, but also have a healing effect on the body.

  • 11.00 $

    Sweet, fragrant and extremely useful drink, coming from childhood. Juicy raspberries, combined with spicy ginger – a great remedy for colds.